Kelly Lahl



Kelly Lahl explores ideas of overlapping memory, time, and space. Using bold color with intuitive drawing, collage, painting, and printing, she creates and transforms new and found materials into works on a range of substrates, with a special interest for textile.

Lahl’s recent year-long 2018 MARN mentorship with contemporary sculptor and painter Richard Taylor has encouraged relationships between art and design, as well as the fusion of painting and sculpture. These conversations have sparked a new interest in assemblage and artist Richard Tuttle.

With a background in graphic design, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee in 2001, Lahl has worked for her alma mater Peck School of the Arts as a designer, lecturer, and administrator. She currently works as a visual artist in her studio at RedLine Milwaukee, a non-profit community arts center in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.